Taylor, Duane, Barton & Gilman, LLP

Providence, RI


12,000 s.f.

Barton Gilman, LLP


Taylor Duane Barton & Gilman’s offices in downtown Providence were designed by Vision 3 conveying a modern look and feel. Visitors step off the elevator into a spacious, brightly lit reception area that sets the stage and affirms client expectations about the quality of services they will receive. The reception area is dominated by light wood and a large, glass-encased conference room across the waiting area. Red, silver and black accents accompany the stylish reception area, reinforcing the firm’s logo and color scheme. Vision 3, working closely with Taylor Duane, specifically designed the distinctive reception area to create a lasting impression on their clients and visitors: One of growth,


“Listening is largely a lost art in the business community, but Vision 3 is very good at it. They asked the right questions, really listened to what we were trying to accomplish, what our design priorities were, and where we wanted to put our money to make a big splash on our project. They kept everyone flexible and intellectually engaged while we went through the process. The bottom line is, they helped us create something that will make a big impact on the success of our business and our ability to attract and retain good people for many years to come.

Because of Vision 3’s team approach, we always had somebody to reach out to with questions or concerns. They always made time for us and made us feel that our project was a high priority, which was a very good feeling.”

Frank Connor, Partner