Children’s Friend, Friendship Center

Providence, RI


1,750 s.f.


Vision 3 Architects played a key role in providing early planning and design services that assisted Children’s Friend in securing funding and approval for the project. The building improvements included a 1,750 s.f. building entrance addition that strengthens the organization’s identity in the community, and accommodates a welcoming lobby, a reception area that facilitates controlled building access and improves security for the children, and a large capacity meeting room that also functions as a community assembly space. Renovations of the existing building included new fire protection systems, new interior finishes, new restrooms, and an improved faculty and administrative area.

The Friendship Center is an early learning school servicing over 300 children, and provides Head Start services that promote the well being and healthy development of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable children by providing flexible, effective and culturally relevant services that support and strengthen families and communities.