Café Escadrille

Burlington, MA


36,000 s.f. (total project)


Phase I
Construction of the Café Escadrille project involved a major expansion of operations to offer memorable dining, banquet, and conferencing experiences in elegant, upscale settings. By building the project in phases, the Client took advantage of being able to continue revenue streams by serving the dining needs of valued customers while renovation and expansion of the original restaurant continued. The excitement created in the community was evidenced by sold-out, advance bookings for the banquet facility before it even opened.

Phase II
Construction of the Café Escadrille project was designed to significantly reimage and expand the existing gourmet restaurant that is Café Escadrille. The concept for the entire project was master planned from the start with construction phased in a way that would allow for continuing operations. While the Phase II restaurant expansion and renovation design set the stage for a whole new customer experience at Café Escadrille, Phase I Construction offered the greatest advantage to the Client for achieving goals with minimum inconvenience to customers. Phase II design is a charming and eclectic mix of old French countryside imagery featuring a stone and timber “wine cellar”, grand fireplace, and stable-like dining carrels in the gourmet restaurant.


“When I started the project, I didn’t know what direction to go in. Vision 3 came in with great ideas and it really worked out. What I ended up with was far better than what I had envisioned originally. They worked the design so that we were able to keep the operation going while putting on a major addition, and remodeling the old building. I never closed the restaurant for one day. People couldn’t believe it! I think Vision 3’s personal touch, having someone on the job that answers your questions, really worked out well.”

Robert Murray, Owner