United Way

Providence, RI


23,000 s.f.
$2.5 million


Vision 3 Architects was selected to design the conversion of 23,000 s.f. of space within the existing historic Calendar Mills complex into the regional headquarters for United Way. Vision 3 was responsible for programming/needs analysis, space planning, architectural, and interior design, furniture selection, and supervision of construction.


“Vision 3 Architects catered to our needs. They were always available to attend meetings, at the board level or for one-on-one discussions, and they were patient and supportive with our process to get our building approved. Never once did Vision 3 say “no” or “we can’t.” They were sensitive to our image as a leading non-profit in Rhode Island and designed an office that gave us a distinguished look without the hefty price tag.

Vision 3 impressed us from the start. Throughout the RFP process they presented a confident, professional image which they carried throughout the entire project. They delivered on their original promises and they stuck with us even when the job was done. To say we were satisfied would be an understatement. I recommend Vision 3 all the time to people who come to our office.”

Angelo Miccoli, Vice President, Director, Internal Operations