Stanley’s Restaurant

Providence, RI


2,500 s.f.


The design of the Stanley’s Restaurant in Providence, RI was themed around a cartoon caricature of the burger chain’s founder, Stanley F. Kryla. Vision 3 Architects played on the aspects of 1940’s cartoon styles, basing the design of the main dining area on an abstract version of a diner car. Vibrant colors and artwork depicting the “Stanley” character are integrated throughout the restaurant.


“Since 1987, I wanted to open a new location with an upscale look that would be a flagship store to jump start other locations. Because the first Stanley’s opened in 1932, my goal for the design was something retro and art deco I chose Vision 3 because I am very comfortable with them. They have great ideas, and their ideas and my ideas meshed. Vision 3 designed exactly what I was looking for. They incorporated our colors and logo, carried our brand throughout the design, and exceeded my expectations.

Vision 3 is the whole package. They are very innovative and also very thorough, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. I trusted them to give me what I was looking for – and they did.”

Greg Raheb, Owner