Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

Tyngsborough, MA


New Construction and Addition
Phase One
16,000 s.f.
$1.85 million
Phase Two
11,300 s.f.
$1.3 million


This one-story, 27,000 s.f. office/testing laboratory was completed in 2 phases. Roughly half the building is corporate offices and related support spaces, including a lunch room, storage, and meeting facilities. The other half contains materials testing laboratories and their support spaces, including the loading dock, workshop, and sample storage. The two distinct halves of the building are connected by a skylit atrium which is equipped with seating and liberal areas of whiteboard space to facilitate impromptu meetings. From the atrium, clients and visitors can view into the sensitive, environmentally controlled laboratories without entering.


“Our experience working with Vision 3 was very positive. I liked Vision 3’s team approach and the personal interaction with the architects. They took the time to understand our business and our goals for our new headquarters and then developed a design that matched our needs. Vision 3 exercised care to answer our questions and to show us examples of their concepts. Vision 3 has the ability to envision unique features and eye-catching elements while at the same time incorporating efficiency and cost savings measures into the design. Their ability to quickly scope out the project and make it possible to build on time and in budget was very important for our business. Vision 3 created a unique, eye-catching, and buildable space.”

Brian Pittenger, Senior Consultant