Responsible, Collaborative, Client-Centered Design

Firm Profile

Function drives good design: relationships drive good projects

Founded in 1987, Vision 3 Architects is a nationally recognized architecture and interior design firm based in Rhode Island. Since the beginning, we’ve measured our achievement in terms of the success of our clients. We are committed to a collaborative process that focuses on each client’s unique vision, goals, programmatic requirements, budget, and schedule.

Our practice is organized by industry, primarily corporate office, education, hospitality, and healthcare, with a dedicated team of architects leading each. A principal and a team leader are engaged with every project to ensure clients receive a high degree of personal service throughout the development process.

Whether planning new construction or adapting older buildings for re-use, our design goal is to be functional and cost-efficient while respecting each project’s unique geographical, historical, and demographic context. Environmentally sustainable methodology is introduced from the start, as our commitment to be responsible stewards of the environment is at the forefront.

This commitment to client-centered design excellence, innovation, and sustainable design has brought us national recognition and awards.